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Clash is The Misfits' biggest fan. Her dream is to be a member of the band. She is Blaze's girlfriend, and Video's cousin.


In Clash's first appearance, she is present for the argument at Pizzazz's house after Stormer is caught on a date with Kimber. When Stormer says that nobody would have noticed the two of them on a date if Pizzazz hadn't barged in and torn up the coffee shop, Clash suggests that "it's called a distraction" - but Pizzazz tells her to shut up, because it's a band discussion and she's not a part of the band.

Later, when The Misfits are arguing about the quality of their performance for a music video shoot, Pizzazz catches Clash on her computer. Clash has set a Google Alert for any articles about Jem and The Holograms. She tells Pizzazz that The Holograms are playing a big benefit show the next day in support of The Starlight Foundation. She reads the article aloud to The Misfits, who are furious.

Clash calls Blaze, who is working as a waitress at a company which caters for the Starlight Foundation's fundraiser. Clash asks Blaze to get her a job on the waitressing staff for the event.[2]


Clash's redesigned default look was heavily inspired by Integrity Toys' Clash Montgomery doll[3][4], which was in turn a redesign of Clash's look in the early Starbright episodes of Jem.


When Clash isn't able to hang out with either Blaze or the rest of The Misfits, instead she aids from her friend Misty, another Misfits groupie, to spend fun time together.


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