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Easter Eggs - also known as  Trivia - are intentional references hidden throughout the comic by the creative team. These references are often related to real-world things or nods to things within the comic itself, but also are often in-universe references to the original Hasbro Jem and The Holograms cartoon.

Issue #1

Jem Blue Guitar Sam Newark Guitar The guitar Jerrica plays strongly resembles the guitar played by Samantha Newark, who was the speaking voice of Jem in the original cartoon.
Iron Man Kimber Iron man 1 Aja and Kimber mentions Marvel superhero Iron Man (also known as billionaire inventor Tony Stark) when talking about their dad.

Issue #2

Spock Spock 2 An episode of Star Trek: The Original Series is playing on the television in The Misfits's dressing room - Spock is visible on the screen.
Natsumi Natsumi 2 In line to meet Stormer is Natsumi Tanaka, from the webcomic Lost Pieces.

Issue #3

Rainbow Dash 1 Rainbow Dash 2 On their date, Rio wins Jerrica a stuffed plush of Rainbow Dash, from Hasbro's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Pacific park 1 Pacific park 2 Pacific Park is based on a real life park of the same name.
Storykiller 1 Storykiller 2 In the background during the boardwalk scene is a cameo by Tessa Battle, from Kelly Thompson's Storykiller .

Issue #4

Issue 4 bg

In the bookshop cafe Kimber and Stomer visit, there are several real-world comics on the shelves in the background:

Issue #5

Bellamorte 1 Bella Morte 2 An album by the real world band Bella Morte features in a record store that Clash visits.
Earrings Earrings 2 Both Kimber and Stormer have lighting bolt and star shaped earrings respectively, which represent each others' band logos.
Ponies Ponies 2 Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer - both characters from the cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - feature as plushes as prizes in the shooting game.
Kothoga 1 Kothoga 2 Another prize is a stuffed plush of the Kothoga from the movie The Relic.
Cthulhu Cthulhu 2 Another prize is a stuffed plush of Cthulhu, a creature created by H. P. Lovecraft.
Tshirt G I Joe The shooting game booth owner is wearing a shirt that has the Cobra symbol on it from the cartoon G. I. Joe.
Lost Pieces 1 Lost pieces 2 Adrian and Tora Felton from the webcomic Lost Pieces cameo in the fairground background.
Lost pieces 3 Lost pieces 4 Riham Lahoud and Maya King, also from Lost Pieces, appear in the concert audience.

Issue #6

Transformers OPPtHa7 The announcer for the Misfits VS! competition is wearing a shirt with the Autobots symbol on it from the cartoon Transformers.

Issue #8

Karate kid 2 Karate Kid The skeleton onesie costumes The Misfits wear are based on those worn by the bullies in The Karate Kid.

Issue #9

Karate kid 3 Karate kid 4 Techrat is dressed in the shower costume from the original The Karate Kid movie, and mentions the 2001 remake.
Left shark 2 Left shark Kimber is dressed as Left Shark, a dancer from Katy Perry's 2015 Superbowl half time show which became a meme.
Rio Clark Kent 1 Clark kent Rio is dressed up as DC Comics Superman's journalist alter ego Clark Kent.
Furiosa Furiosa 2 Both Aja and Craig are dressed up as Furiosa from the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.
Black swan Black swan 2 Jerrica is dressed as the titular character from the 2010 movie Black Swan.

Issue #10

Hospital 1 Hospital 2 Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the hospital Pizzazz is in, is based from a real hospital of the same name in Los Angeles, California.

Issue #11

Bella morte 3 Bella Morte 2 Craig has a tattoo of the real world band Bella Morte on his chest.
Male tears 2 Male tears Pizzazz has a "Male Tears" mug.

Issue #19

Untitled 3 Rilakkuma Kimber has a Rilakkuma (relaxed bear) bag.
Rilakkuma is a character by Japanese company San-X.

Outrageous Annual #1

Jem wolf 2 Teen wolf 1 Jerrica's dream is a parody of Teen Wolf.
Mad max 2 Mad max 1 Aja's dream is a parody of the Mad Max series.
Dagobah 2 Dagobah 1 Shana's dream is a parody of Star Wars: A New Hope.
Jem Babies 4 Muppet Babies 1 Kimber's dream is a parody of Muppet Babies.
Webflix Netflix On the screen for the Netflix parody "Webflix" is a pony from My Little Pony and Disney's Mickey Mouse.
Willow 1 Willow 2 In "Jem Babies", Pizzazz suggests the name Willow for the kitten which is a reference to the movie of the same name. Madmartigan, Pizzazz's cat, is named after a character from the same movie.

Holiday Special #1

Rickrolled Rickrolled 2 Shana makes a reference to the rather infamous meme "Rick Rolling".
Jetrox Rock em sock em The gift Kimber and Aja get for Roxy and Jetta (JetRox Joust) is a parody of the iconic toy "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots".
Rainbow dash onesie Rainbow Dash 2 The gift Roxy gets for Kimber is a onesie of the character Rainbow Dash from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

1980s Jem references

Many references are made to the original Hasbro cartoon, as well as extended universe merchandise such as books and dolls.

Fashion 2 Fashion 1 The outfits worn by The Holograms in Issue #1 are redesigns of their very first outfits in the very first episode "The Beginning".
Misfits Fashion 2 Misfits Fashion 1 The outfits worn by The Misfits in Issue #2 are redesigns of their first appearance outfits - Pizzazz, Stormer and Roxy in "The Beginning" and Jetta in "The Talent Search (Part 1)"
Starlight Music Starlight music 2 On the wall in the home studio in Issue #1 is a poster for Starlight Music, the music company the Holograms owned and ran in the cartoon.
The stingers The stingers 2 On Aja's wall in Issue #2 is a poster for the band The Stingers.
Ba Nee 1 Ba nee 2 The pink outfit Ba Nee wears in Issue #2 is a redesign of her main cartoon outfit.
Leatherettes space cadets Leatherettes Space Cadets 2 In Issue #5 the trailer has redesigned characters for the one-off bands The Leatherettes and The Space Cadets from the episode "Only The Beginning".
Guitarcycles Guitarcycles 2 In Issue #6 The Misfits come on stage on guitar-shaped motorcycles or "Guitarcycles", a callback to the vehicles they rode into Starlight Music in the first episode "Only The Beginning".
Rio Plant 1 Rio Plant 2 In Issue #10 Rio kicks over a potted plant which his cartoon counterpart does the same in the episode "Glitter And Gold" - however, in the comic, he actually picks it back up and apologises.
Ashley 2 Ashley 1 The yellow and black hoodie Ashley wears in Issue #11 is a redesign of her main cartoon outfit.
Healthy cereal Healthy cereal 2 In the music video for "Open A Book", featured in the episode "Roxy Rumbles", three boxes of cereal named Healthy Cereal, Candy Coated Zips, and Sugar Coated Biffos appear, and have featured in the comic. Healthy Cereal is on the kitchen counter in The Benton House in Issue #11 and is thrown by Roxy in Issue #14.
Candy Coated Zips Candy coated zips 2 Candy Coated Zips appear in Issue #11, being eaten by Roxy.
Sugar Coated Biffos Biffos Sugar Coated Biffos appear in Issue #12, also being eaten by Roxy.
Luna Dark Luna Dark 2 Blaze in Issue #12 is shown when stepping off of the tour bus wearing a Luna Dark shirt. Luna Dark was a parody of Madonna, featured in the Jem episode "The Jem Jam".
Horses Kimber Horses A stable with horses is visible next to The Benton House in Issue #12 , which is a reference to the episode "Father's Day" where it was said Emmett would take his daughters out riding when they were younger.
86 shirt Clash 86 The fuzzy shirt worn by Clash in Issue #14 has a large 86 on the front, referencing the first appearance of Clash in the Jem cartoon in Starbright, in July of 1986.
Shana Outfit 2 Shana Outfit 1 The blue dress Shana wears in the Holiday Special #1 to go on her date is a redesign of her outfit from the episode "Kimber's Rebellion" among others.
Cymbals Clash 1 Cymbals Clash 2 Clash often wears jewellery in the shape of drum cymbals, in reference to her cartoon and doll counterparts' cymbal bracelets.
Clash Bag 2 Clash Bag The pink and yellow lighting bolt shaped bag Clash is seen wearing in Issue #5 and Issue #12 is a reference to the original Clash doll accessory: "Distortion Modulator".
Zarp 2 ZARP The shirt worn by Aja in Issue #15 references an unseen band whose album is seen in the 1986 Jem storybook 'Surprise at Starlight Mansion' .
Hot Time in Hawaii IDW Hot Time in Hawaii Cartoon This moment in Issue #25 and continuing on into Issue #26 is a direct reference to a scene in the episode "Hot Time in Hawaii". Unlike its accidental nature in the comic, in the cartoon, Kimber is deliberately tied up and left in a volcano by one of Eric's henchmen in order to keep her from competing in a Holograms vs. Misfits sports competition.
Makin' Mischief infobox Makin' Mischief Cartoon Makin' Mischief, sung by a young Stormer in The Misfits #2, is a direct reference to the same song performed by The Misfits in the cartoon, first performed in the episode "Disaster".
Tinkerbillies IDW Tinkerbillies Cartoon In The Misfits #5, Jetta briefly mentions her former band, The Tinkerbillies, by name. In the cartoon, the Misfits recruit Jetta directly from The Tinkerbillies (spelled Tinkerbillys) in "The Talent Search, Part 1", while looking for a new Misfit to overshadow Jem and the Holograms' search for a new drummer.

Sophie Campbell

Main artist Sophie Campbell has placed many references to her other works such as Shadoweyes and Wet Moon within her work in the comic.

Mooncalfe Mooncalfe 1 In Issue #3 Sophie Campbell's twitter username (albeit misspelled as mooncalfe01 instead of mooncalfe1) appears on a television screen.


Shadoweyes Symbol 1 Shadoweyes Symbol 2

In The Misfits's dressing room, a poster for Shadoweyes's symbol appears on the wall. (Issue #2)

Nightpower 1 Nightpower 2 On Aja's bedroom wall is a poster for Nightpower, a fictional band from the webcomic. (Issue #2)
Scout 1 Scout 2 Protagonist Scout Montana appears in line to meet Stormer. (Issue #2)
Shadoweyes 2 Shadoweyes 3 A stuffed plush of Shadoweyes appears as one of the prizes for the shooting game Aja is playing. (Issue #5)

Wet Moon

Scout 1 Chole 1 Cleo Lovedrop is in line to meet Stormer. (Issue #2)
Natalie Ringtree Natalie Ringtree 2 Natalie Ringtree cameos in the background during the boardwalk scene. (Issue #3)
Audrey Audrey Richter 2 Audrey Richter is the production assistant when The Misfits are on the "Super Late with Rick Tenenbaum" show. (Issue #4)

Other Media

IDW Jem references have made their way into other media, particularly other IDW Publishing comics.

Actionman1 Misfits Poster Egg In issue #3 of IDW's Action Man, main character Ian Noble has a poster of The Misfits on his wall. The image is taken from the cover of Jem Issue 2.
OptimusPrime1 OptimusPrime1 In issue #3 of IDW's Optimus Prime, a female character has a poster of Pizzazz on her wall.

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