Featured articles represent examples of some of our best work on the IDW Jem Wiki, or pages that are of particular interest. Featured articles typically include nearly all possible information about the topic in question in a professional and informative way, as detailed in our content guide.

A small picture of a Jemstar earring (Featured Article Icon) is visible in the top right corner of a page which has been featured. These featured articles will appear in a special section of the homepage between each released issue of the comic, and will be updated along with the latest issue section.


Articles given Featured status should meet the following standards:

  • Article should be of reasonable length.
  • Be comprehensive, well formatted, in-depth, accurate, and well sourced.
  • Include appropriate images where applicable.

List of Featured Articles

  1. Aja Leith: 23 July 2016 - 02 Sept 2016
  2. Meredith McClaren: 03 Sept 2016 - 20 Oct 2016
  3. Silica: 21 Oct 2016 -

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