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Jem and The Holograms has had many guest contributing artists since 2015, largely responsible for creating variant covers. Here you will find details about cover artists who have currently only contributed to a single issue. For recurring contributors, see: Creative Team.

Amanda Conner

Jem 01 K Artist: Amanda Conner
Issue: Issue #1
Variant: Yesteryear Comics' Exclusive
External Link: Amanda Conner on Wikipedia

Andrew Griffith

Tumblr oaso78jIR31uxdbsko2 1280 Artist: Andrew Griffith
Issue: Issue #17
Variant: ROM Covers Month Variant
External Link: Andrew Griffith on Twitter

Arielle Jovellanos

Annual Jem Wolf Artist: Arielle Jovellanos
Issue: Outrageous Annual
Contribution: Jem Wolf mini comic
External Link:

Casey W. Coller

Jem 11 Cover 07 Artist: Casey W. Coller
Issue: Issue #11
Variant: Giant Robot Comics Exclusive
External Link: Casey W Coller on Twitter

David Lafuente

Jem 03 Cover 03 Artist: David Lafuente
Issue: Issue #3
Variant: Retailer Incentive
External Link: David Lafuente on Tumblr

Gisele Lagace

Jem 20 Cover RE Artist: Gisele Lagace (lineart)

Jason Millet (colours)'

Issue: Issue #20
Variant: Retailer Incentive
External Link:

Jenevieve Broomall

Jem 05 Cover 04 Merrymac Games and Comics Ex Jenevieve Broomall Artist: Jenevieve Broomall
Issue: Issue #5
Variant: Merrymac Games and Comics Exclusive
External Link: Jenevieve Broomall on Facebook

Marguerite Sauvage

Jem 04 Cover 03 Ret inc Marguerite Sauvage Artist: Marguerite Sauvage
Issue: Issue #4
Variant: Retailer Incentive
External Link: Marguerite Sauvage on Tumblr

Rebekah Isaacs

Annual Angry Aja Artist: Rebekah Isaacs
Issue: Outrageous Annual
Contribution: Angry Aja mini comic
External Link: Rebekah Isaacs on Tumblr

Stanley "Artgerm" Lau

Jem 01 LJem 01 M Artist: Stanley "Artgerm" Lau
Issue: Issue #1
Variant: Comics & Ponies Exclusive
External Link:

Stephanie Hans

Jem 05 Cover 03 RI Stephanie Hans Artist: Stephanie Hans
Issue: Issue #5
Variant: Retailer Incentive
External Link: Stephanie Hans on Tumblr

Tania Del Rio

Jem 10 Cover 03 Artist: Tania Del Rio
Issue: Issue #10
Variant: Archie 75th Anniversary Edition
External Link: Tania Del Rio on Wikipedia

Tommy Lee Edwards

Jem 06 Cover 03 RI Tommy Lee Edwards Artist: Tommy Lee Edwards
Issue: Issue #6
Variant: Retailers Incentive
External Link:

Tula Lotay

Jem 07 Cover 03 Artist: Tula Lotay
Issue: Issue #7
Variant: Retailers Incentive
External Link:

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