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Minx is the keyboardist of The Stingers.


According to her official IDW Profile, Minx loves tech, fashion (especially fabulous hats and shoes), flirting, travel, sparkling water, football (aka "American soccer"), underground parties, Löwensenf, knacker (knackwurst), and Haribo Happy Cola. She hates commitment, rejection, American chocolate, and Americans (with a few exceptions!). Her prized possession is a Karl Lagerfeld vintage couture gown.

Cartoon Incarnation

Speaking Voice Singing Voices
Kath Soucie Diva Gray & Vicki Sue Robinson
Minx first appeared in the 1988 episode The Stingers Hit Town, Part One. She was born in Berlin, Germany, the daughter of a secretary and a computer repair man. As a result of this upbringing, she was gifted with technology, able to modify most computers or synthesizers to suit her needs. She began her music career in a band called Nirvana (no relation to the real-world grunge band of the same name) with Riot, but both left the band to start their own. They were later joined by Rapture, and as a trio formed The Stingers. The Stingers were homeless and busked on the street to make ends meet before finding their fame.

Though she had the same self-centred attitude shared by the rest of The Stingers, Minx was shown to have a softer, caring side. She seemed to have a very close relationship with Rapture, and the two frequently supported one another. Minx had romantic interest in Rio, and though she was constantly rejected by him, was persistent in her pursuit. She also seemed to have an interest in Techrat, even going as far as touching him without him seeming bothered by that.

Appeared In


Some of Minx's interests and dislikes that are featured in the bio in the back of Issue #16 are based on her appearances in the original cartoon:

  • Her love of tech is a callback to the episode A Change of Heart, where Minx reveals that she's been building her own synthesizers since she was 14.
  • Her love of hats is also a callback to the original cartoon. In every episode, Minx could be seen wearing a stylish hat -- she was very rarely seen without one.


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