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Rapture is the lead guitarist of The Stingers.


According to her official IDW Profile, Rapture loves fantasy novels and films, collectable griffins, horses, Ramen, Chicago style deep dish pizza, cartoons, manipulating people, playing practical jokes, gossip, and hilarious GIFs. She hates train travel, bare feet on concrete, peanut butter, hula hoops, and New York style pizza. Her prized possession is an antique griffin statue made of carved jade.

Cartoon Incarnation

Speaking Voice Singing Voices
Ellen Gerstell Diva Gray & Vicki Sue Robinson
Rapture Cartoon
Rapture first appeared in the 1988 episode The Stingers Hit Town, Part One. She was the daughter of a real-estate agent and a neurologist. Her childhood was split between San Francisco and Chicago, Illinois. She joined The Stingers in Germany, and busked with them until they worked their way to the top. Rapture was a con-artist, and loved manipulating people to scam money out of them. She had an interest in fantasy and the occult, convincingly impersonating both Harry Houdini and a Greek oracle in her scams. Although she had such a large imagination, she never truly believed any of what she said. She had a close relationship with her bandmates, particularly Minx, who frequently supported her in schemes.


Jem 16 Rapture Bio
Some of Rapture's interests and dislikes that are featured in the bio in the back pages of Issue #16 are based on her appearances in the original cartoon:
  • Her interest in collectible griffins, and her prized antique carved jade griffin statue, are a reference to a trivia fact mentioned about Rapture in the Jem bible by Christy Marx, where it's mentions that "she collects statues of griffins, chimeras, and dragons".
  • Her interest in fantasy novels and films is her callback her in-development name, Fantasy.
  • Her love of Chicago style deep dish pizza and dislike of New York style pizza is a callback to her living with her divorced father in Chicago, Illinois, and the long-standing real-world rivalry between the two cities.
  • Her love of manipulating people and playing practical jokes is a reference to the fact that, in most episodes in which The Stingers were featured, Rapture performed at least one scam to make money, typically either by pretending to have magical powers or impersonating someone.


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