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Raya was the former drummer of The Stingers. As of Issue 23, she is the drummer for The Holograms.

Cartoon Incarnation

Cartoon Raya
Raya first appeared in the episode The Talent Search (Part 1) in 1987. She was voiced by Linda Dangcil. She was the daughter of immigrants who came to the United States from Mexico. Her family ran a plant nursery specialising in exotic plants. Raya's father, in particular, was extremely encouraging and supportive of her. She was a gentle, kind-hearted girl. Raya played drums from a young age. When Shana left The Holograms to pursue a fashion career, the band staged a talent contest to find a new drummer, which Raya entered. Her closest competitor was Craig, but she beat him in a drum duel, and was accepted into The Holograms. When Shana returned, Raya stayed on drums, with Shana playing bass guitar instead.

Raya was the only character outside of The Holograms, apart from the President of the United States, who learned about Synergy (after seeing Jerrica transform accidentally). Her loyalty in keeping Jerrica's secret, despite pressure from the media and Eric Raymond, was a huge part of why The Holograms so readily accepted her.


Although Jetta and Raya were introduced in the cartoon at the same time, creators Campbell and Thompson wanted to avoid repeating the stories of the cartoon verbatim. Jetta was added to the comic from it's inception, because her backstory of joining the band was not as essential, but Raya's involvement with The Holograms, in particular her knowing Jerrica's secret, meant they wanted to introduce Raya when the plot had more room to do it justice. [2]

In Issue 16 she was revealed to be a part of the European band, The Stingers, now with blonde hair instead of pink hair.

Artist Campbell has stated that, when drawing Raya, she visualises her as being of Indigenous Mexican ethnicity. [3]

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  • Raya's love of Greece comes from her cartoon counterpart's affection for very romantic cities and places.
  • Her love of archery and prized possession comes from the 1980s episode Renaissance Woman, where Raya is shown to be a proficient archer. Also, Raya’s horoscope is a Sagittarius, which is known as “The Archer”.


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