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Rio Pacheco is a journalist who writes for the online music magazine The Score. He is the boyfriend of Jerrica Benton.


In Rio's first appearance, he is shadowing The Misfits, writing an article about them for the magazine The Score. He's in the room when The Misfits see The Holograms' competition entry for the first time, and is so impressed that he immediately starts researching them. He goes to Starlight Community Center and finds Jerrica teaching Ashley how to play MoreMoreMore. He introduces himself to her, and tells her he found her because Kimber posted their location on Twitter. He asks Jerrica out on a date, because he thinks she's adorable. She thinks he has ulterior motives and only wants to write an article about the band, but he assures her that he just really liked her song and wanted to find out more about her. He gives her his phone number.[2]

Rio and Jerrica go on a first date to an amusement park. Rio wins her a stuffed animal in a ring toss game, and he gives her a ride home on the back of his motorcycle. They kiss.[3]

Appeared In


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