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The Fox is a mysterious antagonistic character that has close ties to Pizzazz. [1] She briefly played drums for The Holograms.


Pizzazz enlisted Fox with her plan to take down Jem and The Holograms. As part of this plan, Fox was a guest drummer in the band that Aja and Craig go to see in concert, and both were extremely impressed with her drumming skill. Meeting her afterwards, Aja invited Fox back to her home and introduced them to her sisters as a potential replacement drummer for The Holograms while Shana was away on a fashion internship. [2]

Fox settled in with The Holograms fairly quickly, and did her best to snoop around for Pizzazz. Unfortunately, Pizzazz was impatient and kept calling at inopportune times, such as when she was trying to eavesdrop. Due to The Holograms' behavior whenever she asked one too many questions, Fox knew something was up, she just couldn't figure out what it was. Fox turned her attention to the study housing Emmett's jukebox to try to figure out what its secrets were. [3]

The Holograms and Fox went to the 5x5 Records Masquerade Ball. The Holograms made excuses as to why Jerrica wasn't coming with them, and Fox wasn't really buying it, but didn't argue. She waited patiently until moments before moments before The Holograms were due to perform at the ball in front of their label-- at which point, she tossed aside her drumsticks and left the band, telling them Pizzazz sends her regards before leaving them high and dry without a drummer. [4]

Fox returned to The Misfits, eager to watch The Holograms crash and burn in front of such a high-profile crowd. As the Holograms come onstage with Raya temporarily filling in on drums and solving their problems, Fox let The Misfits know that she hadn't found anything specific, but there was definitely something suspicious going on. She watched with amusement as they enacted their "real" plan to disrupt the performance, but was forced to leave quickly with them as the plan backfired and started a fire aboard the ship. [5]


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  • On her Tumblr, Kelly Thompson stated that she had planned to eventually make The Fox part of The Stingers as Raya's replacement drummer before the comic was cancelled. [1]


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