The Score is a digital News Magazine based in California. Focusing on the music scene, it is the company that Rio Pacheco is employed by as a journalist.



Misfits VS!

The Misfits VS! competition was a competition organized by 5x5 Records to win the opportunity to perform opposite The Misfits in a battle of the bands and, if successful, win a recording contract from 5x5. Entrants had to submit a music video, and the top few bands chosen by public vote would be given the chance to compete at a concert. Jem and The Holograms entered this contest with a song called MoreMoreMore, which became a viral hit and put the band on the map.

The score assigned journalist/reporter Rio Pacheco to shadow the Misfits to write about the band and their contest for the magazine. When The Holograms became a viral hit on entering the Misfits VS! contest, The Score began to take notice of their rising popularity. Once Rio's article was published, Rio broke the news to Jerrica that he was now being assigned to write a feature piece on Jem, to get to know the woman behind the performer.

Pizzazz's Car Accident

Upon leaving Jem and the Holograms's Hallowe'en/video release party, Rio came across Pizzazz's wrecked car resting upside-down in the road and phoned 911, following the ambulance to the hospital. Rob, Rio's boss, phoned Rio upon learning of the accident and assigned him to write an exclusive on her accident. Rio informed him that he didn't think he was the right person for the report as he felt the Misfits were going through something traumatic and were vulnerable and he didn't want to take advantage of that. Rob reminded him bluntly that he was a reporter, not their friend, and that his job could hang in the balance. Recruiting The Holograms for help, he passed in his story to Clarice to edit and then informed Rob. This story featured heavily on new information that Jem and The Holograms were the new openers for the Misfits tour while adding Pizzazz's accident as a more minor mention. This allowed Rio enough leeway to fit what Rob was looking for without being too invasive to the Misfits privacy.

Jem Interview

IDW posted an interview with Jem, written by Rio, on their official site. [1]



  1. Here Comes The Success! the Jem interview by Rio Pacheco

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