The Starlights are a young all-girl band who practise at the Starlight Community Center.

Band Members

Krissie Band Page Ashley Band Page Deirdre Band Page
(Lead Singer)
Becky Band Page Lela Band Page Ba Nee Band Page
Ba Nee


Song Title Appearances
Made of Starlight Issue #11
No Damsel Dimensions #3

Cartoon Incarnation

"I Can See Me" by Ashley & The Starlights

"I Can See Me" by Ashley & The Starlights

The Starlights are based on a band from the original 1980s cartoon called Ashley and The Starlights. The girls are all foster girls who live in the Starlight Mansion, run by The Holograms. In the 1987 episode The Jem Jam (Part 1), while watching a celebrity-filled benefit concert run by Jerrica, Ashley imagines herself and her foster sisters Deirdre, Becky and Lela as a famous band, and they perform a song together called I Can See Me. Although the band itself does not appear to exist outside of Ashley's imagination, the girls are often seen practising music together at the foster home.


Made of Starlight
Krissie is a member of this version of the band, where she was not in the original cartoon - she takes the place of lead vocalist. It is unknown whether the Starlight girls are part of the foster care system in the IDW Jem comic, as not much is known about their backgrounds.

They are regular visitors to Starlight Community Center, which appears to provide access to music education for young people, and where they are given mentorship by The Holograms. Ashley, in particular, is seen taking one-on-one tuition from Jerrica. The girls seem to spend a lot of time having disagreements.

The Starlights have two known songs. The first is called Made of Starlight, which they attempted to perform for The Holograms, but ended up having an argument instead. The second, No Damsel, was performed at Roaster's Coffee Shop for open mic night and currently has no known lyrics.

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