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The Stingers are a band seen briefly at the end of Issue #16. The Stingers were the third major group of the original 1980s series, in rivalry with both Jem and The Holograms and The Misfits.

Current Lineup

Riot Icon 2 Rapture Icon 2
(Lead Vocals)
(Lead Guitar)
Minx Icon 2 Raya Icon 2


Stingers Logo IDW Diamond
Where The Misfits and The Holograms have logos virtually identical to their cartoon counterparts, The Stingers' IDW logo has featured a few different designs. The logo featured in Issue #18 is stylized with wasp or bee stings on the serifs of the font, as well as a large sting for the letter i. The logo featured on Issue #19's cover is based on neon light signage. A logo based directly on the original 1980s Stingers logo was used by Sophie Campbell on her official bio artwork for the band.

The Stingers also have a new symbol, in the shape of a diamond. In the original cartoon counterparts were associated with triangles. As the band now features four members instead of three, it is speculated that the fourth point in the shape represents Raya.


Song Title Appearances
The Queen Issue #18, Issue #19, Issue #22

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