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Video is a fan of Jem and the Holograms and the cousin of The Misfits groupie Clash.


Video was first mentioned in Issue #8. She was invited to the Holograms's music video showing party before Clash stole her invitation.

Video later made her first appearance in Dimensions #1. She, along with fellow Holograms groupies Graphix and Shade, catnapped Madmartigan while on a ski trip in order to mess with The Misfits and Clash.

Cartoon Incarnation

Video Cartoon

The character originates from the orignal 80s cartoon and doll line, where she was a friend of the Holograms and a major supporting character. In that continuity, her full name was Vivien Montgomery and she was an up-and-coming movie director. She was voiced by Noelle North and was first introduced in the 1986 story Starbright, Part One: Falling Star.


In the IDW comics, Video is no longer a close friend to the Holograms, but rather a distant fangirl (along with her mates Graphix and Shade) who stalks the band's social networks and generally spies on the band. Also, she likes to mess with her cousin Clash for being Misfits groupie, reversing the roles they had in the original TV show, where it was Clash who would cause trouble for Video and the Holograms.


Even though she is a Holograms fan, she secretly loves the work of rival member of the Misfits and Clash's girlfriend Blaze.

She also happens to know about the existence of Techrat, and his like for gadgets, even if he works for The Misfits in secret. Video probably might have learned about him incidentally by spying on The Misfits, or through Clash herself mentioning him.

Video's face resembles Clash's. The reason for that is that designer Sophie Campbell had wanted to introduce a plot involving twins, since she thought it would be fun to draw, and after scraping her first ideas for that, she decided to try with Video since she and Clash are relatives. Sophie also had stated that if she ever came back to the Jem comics, she would have Video disguise as Clash to infiltrate with The Misfits.[1]

The fashion she wears in her bio description image is a variant of the original outfit worn in her cartoon debut and Hasbro doll fashion, only substituting the color yellow in her hair, makeup and pants, for vermillion red.


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